Saturday, 29 May 2010

Ballet Biker

This arrived in the post today.  So much for holding back on the nude trend.  It must have been spending all that time thinking about what to wear with a ballet skirt for my last post that has finally softened my resolve.

I am a sucker for a biker jacket.  I seem to be building up a small collection in different colours and fabrics, some of which are now very old and yet I can never bear to part with any of them.  I especially love them in leather or suede and am always lusting after the Doma collection on Net-a-Porter which offers leather and suede bikers in a variety of styles, finishes and colours.  This one by Topshop has a similar feel and style to ones I have seen Doma produce.  I just couldn't resist a shrunken leather biker jacket made from leather in the shade of ballet shoes.  I'll use it to toughen up my Wheels and Doll Baby ballet skirt.

Nude leather shrunken biker by Topshop Boutique

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