Saturday, 29 May 2010

Kate Moss for Topshop Spring Summer 2010

It's not every one's cup of fashion tea but I have to admit to being a big fan of the Kate Moss for Topshop collections and that past purchases make up a substantial portion of my wardrobe.  Whenever she releases a collection there is big run on my bank account.  There are few collections I haven't snaffled up pieces from as I find there always things that suit me, that the designs never really pander to trends and I still get complements whenever I wear them a couple of seasons later.

Not everything is great - I did find her last Autumn Winter 2009/2010 collection a little lacklustre and bought just one piece, the ombre fringe tank.  This year it seemed she was just going to be doing nothing more with Topshop than a collection of jersey basics which in my opinion Cos and Zara are doing in better fabrics at better prices.  So just when I thought my bank account would be safe Kate has sprung back with an unashamedly pretty, feminine and vintage inspired collection for Spring Summer 2010.  The arrival date is usually on my radar well in advance but this time it appeared almost without warning.  Despite the absence of the normal fanfare that precedes her collections a lot of the pieces in this one had already sold out by the time I chanced upon it on the internet - and that was on the first day it was released!  I was lucky to get a couple of things after a second delivery online.  Thank God Topshop deliver to Spain!

These are the pieces I ended up buying: a vintage inspired embroidered cape, lace wrap maxi dress and suede cutwork shorts.

These are some of the things I would have liked to have added to my wardrobe if:
a) money were no object
b) they hadn't already sold out - the adorable lace trimmed velvet shorts, vintage white lace jacket, gorgeous embroidered silk cape and boned floral print blouse are cases in point
c) yellow suited me (it doesn't)
d) I didn't already own a mountain of feathered garments

Here's hoping there will be another drop online soon!

Photos from Vogue, Coutorture and Polyvore

Ballet Biker

This arrived in the post today.  So much for holding back on the nude trend.  It must have been spending all that time thinking about what to wear with a ballet skirt for my last post that has finally softened my resolve.

I am a sucker for a biker jacket.  I seem to be building up a small collection in different colours and fabrics, some of which are now very old and yet I can never bear to part with any of them.  I especially love them in leather or suede and am always lusting after the Doma collection on Net-a-Porter which offers leather and suede bikers in a variety of styles, finishes and colours.  This one by Topshop has a similar feel and style to ones I have seen Doma produce.  I just couldn't resist a shrunken leather biker jacket made from leather in the shade of ballet shoes.  I'll use it to toughen up my Wheels and Doll Baby ballet skirt.

Nude leather shrunken biker by Topshop Boutique

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Moises de la Renta for Mango

The additions to my T-shirt wardrobe keep on coming.  I couldn't resist this off-white Moises de la Renta for Mango limited edition T-shirt with an organza trim and bow detail at the neckline.  For the launch event these T-shirts were teamed with long black and nude ballet skirts with extravagant bows at the waist.

 Photo by

Photo by Ftape

I have been looking for the right kind of tee to go with a very similar ballet skirt by Wheels and Doll Baby I got last year in Australia.  It is made of fine black net with a nude coloured rose embroidered on the front.  The nude version of the skirt with a black rose is pictured below.

Photos from It's a Jaime Thing

When I bought it I was advised that Aussie fashionistas wore theirs with a jersey vest or singlet to tone it down for the day in the style of Carrie in Sex In The City.  Although I liked the idea of something in jersey on top to break up the formality of the tulle it still seemed to me a bit of a travesty to take such a beautiful skirt down that many notches.

Up until now I have not really found a top to make a more informal outing of this skirt a possibility.  I knew it needed to be a t-shirt but the right sort has eluded me until now.  Moises de la Renta has hit the spot.  The structured neckline and bow adds enough volume and glamour to a jersy tee to allow it to hold its own against the extravagance of the skirt but it is still relaxed enough to stop the outfit feeling like full on evening wear.

Thursday, 13 May 2010

Weddings Andalusian Style - Black, White and Red

How to get away with wearing black at a wedding - accessorise with kids dressed in cute matchy-matchy outfits in bright red and white.  Love the contrast of Mum in black diva lace and feathers against the red polka dots of her daughter's simple shift.

Sunday, 9 May 2010

Feria Fashion: Flamenco Frills, Flowers and Fringing

It is Feria time in the Spanish town where I am staying!  This means a week where you can indulge in fantasy dressing up in the style of a flamenco dancer in frilly dresses, embroidered shawls and wearing flowers in your hair.  Last Wednesday was Ladies Day when it is obligatory to come dressed in the traditional traje de gitana which is a dress adorned with frills much like a flamenco dancer's.  The shops here have been filled up with flowers, earrings, hair combs and shawls in all sorts of designs and colours for the local women to match their accessories to their dresses.  My friends and I decided we would go dressed up this year.

I bought this jacket by Kate Moss for Topshop last year and haven't had the occasion to wear it until now.  I brought it over with me especially for the Feria and wore it as a slightly modern alternative to the traditional Spanish manton (embroidered shawl).  On Ladies Day, in keeping with the Andalusian fashion of combining bright colours, I wore it with a bright red flamenco dress with tiered chiffon frills and my lavender espadrilles.  Tourists were asking to take photos!

Cropped silk lavender jacket with floral embroidery and fringing by Kate Moss for Topshop
Flowers, earrings and flamenco hair combs from local shops.


Just the thing for double denim.  I bought this last year from Kate Moss for Topshop and found it sets off all shades of denim wash, from bleached grey to blue to darkest indigo to black

Ombre fringe vest by Kate Moss for Topshop
Distressed denim Shorts by Zara
Bleached grey skinny jeans by Kate Moss for Topshop
Black denim bootcut jeans by Nudie Jeans
Denim Jacket by Sass and Bide

Saturday, 8 May 2010

What Was She Wearing: Answers!

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The nice ladies at WhoWhatWear have given away the secret of what Kate Moss wore with her white boyfriend blazer, which is apparently from good old Topshop.  Nice to know even those fashionistas who can afford Balmain leather leggings and Christian Louboutin shoes like a bargain too.

Even Kate has got on the wardrobe basics bandwagon and developed a range of t-shirts and vests also for Topshop, one of which she is sporting in this outfit.

Thursday, 6 May 2010

White Blazer

Emmanuele Alt: photo from Jak & Jil

A lesson in how to wear a white blazer, by the Fashion Director of French Vogue, Emmanuele Alt.

Well she could hold court on how to wear any blazer or jacket or biker really - see the following post at Jak & Jil dedicated solely to the lessons given by this style diva.  Do you know what I like best about her?  She is in my age box and she is a mother!  Here is another stylish mother in her mid thirties working a similar look.

Photo from KateMossFashion

It is nice to see people sitting up and taking note of the ladies rocking fashion and not just the girls and for me it is a relief that there are style icons in their thirties from whom to draw inspiration.  Leather leggings may look great on twenty something year old legs but they ooze much more sex appeal when worn with the confidence of an older woman.  The likes of Emmanuele, Kate and Carine make me look forward to hitting forty!  It is interesting to note the contrast of French chic versus the edgy British rock and roll vibe lent to essentially the same look by these two women.

Everyone is selling white blazers, jackets, tuxedos, even white biker jackets.  There is something about putting on a white jacket that makes you feel very, well, pristine really.  And once you are wearing one you find yourself trying to conduct yourself in a pristine manner probably for fear of staining it.  As both Emmanuele and Kate both demonstrate the perfect foil to such purity is a pair of tough leggings.

I certainly can't afford Balmain but Zara has produced this not too dissimilar sharply tailored single breasted white blazer for less than one hundredth of the price.  It has structured shoulders, is nipped in slightly at the waist and the fabric is a cotton blend in a tactile finish almost like a superfine corduroy.  It also features design details such as a pointed lapel, two pockets with slanted flaps, an additional slit pocket and military style buttons for the front closure and as embellishment on the sleeves.

I will be channelling Ms Alt and Ms Moss and team it with leggings or my leather shorts, some fierce shoes and a jersey scarf.

White Blazer by Zara

Wednesday, 5 May 2010



As a self confessed shoe addict, entering local shoe shops in Spain is like letting a child with a sweet tooth loose in a candy store.  In almost all of them you can find on sale the classic Spanish espadrille in every colour imaginable in several different styles all laid out on the shelves like confectionery.

Red, orange, pale pink, hot pink, blue, violet, lime, yellow, chocolate, beige, cream, white, pastels - you name the colour and someone will probably stock a style in it.  Wedges come in various heights, categorised sweetly according to how many cords of string stack up to make up the height of the heel.  There are endless styles - slip ons, sling backs, peep toe, closed toe, ankle ties, Mary Jane straps.  Most are made out of a light canvas but satin and denim are also popular materials.  And all very cheap!

I left with these black and lavender wedges with ankle ties in differing wedge heights - and this was showing restraint.  I wanted to buy a whole rainbow!

Espadrilles en negra con tres cuerdas (black with three cords)
Espadrilles en violeta con quarto cuerdas (purple with four cords)

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Jersey Scarf

The perfect accompaniment to soft jersey t-shirts when a little extra warmth is needed - a soft grey jersey scarf.  A similar jersey scarf featured in a Vogue "More Dash Than Cash" shoot in Spring last year where it was paired with a quilted floral jacket, a slate grey t-shirt, white cheesecloth hareems and black strappy sandals.  It was a refreshing, interesting combination which I think is worth revisiting this season given that both floral prints and sportswear (with a particular emphasis on grey marl) are back in the shops again.

Image from

Last season I had already bought a pair of grey silk hareems from Cos and a navy, white and red reversible quilted floral jacket from the Kate Moss for Topshop collection when Vogue released this article.  So when I came across this scarf from Cos I bought it along with a dark grey marl t-shirt to complete my own version of the outfit.  I was quite pleased with the resulting effect when I combined all these elements and a pair of black strappy suede wedges in my wardrobe.

Since buying it I have got a lot of use out of this scarf.  Being lightweight it scrunches up easily into a bag and it has been great for that transeasonal period when it is too hot for a winter wool one but still nippy enough to need to something to cover up around the neck.  Other than a sporty juxtaposition to florals I find it also works well in outfits to relax the formality of a sharp jacket, to accentuate the slouchy feel of a shawl wrap cardigan or to lighten the heaviness of a black biker jacket.

Monday, 3 May 2010

Want of the Day: Grey Denim Biker

Photo of Rachel Zoe in Current Elliot from Denimology

 Photo of Kate Moss in Balmain from Denimology

Come on Topshop - get your act together.  How hard can it be to flog one of these off?  In grey distressed denim please.

Saturday, 1 May 2010

Double Denim

Photo of Kate Moss in Double Denim from

I was not really aware just how much of an anti-style statement and heinous fashion crime double denim was considered to be until I read Rachel Zoe's style guide in which she tore it apart.  I think it is because I actually see so much of it worn around on the street that it doesn't actually register anymore.  It is like background noise to which I have to admit I have added to on those days when I haven't had the time or inclination to think about style.

You have to laugh really that fashion is slapping itself on the back for inventing this "new" trend.  Who hasn't done a doubling up of denim without even thinking about it?  The denim jean has practically taken over our wardrobes as a staple item in the past ten years.  Even my otherwise minimalist boyfriend owns several pairs in different cuts and washes.  If you own a denim jacket at some point the law of statistics says that given permutations of weather conditions, how busy you are and what is in the laundry, eventually said jacket will meet jeans in an outfit.  More than likely the wash of the jacket won't match the wash of the jean so on average there is little chance of you looking like a painter/decorator.  There are many days where the only appropriate attire is jeans because you are running around doing errands and need to be comfortable in a generally dressed down city.  I have on more than one of these occasions found it was too warm for a coat, knitwear or leather jacket but too cool for just a top and a smart jacket would be overkill.  A denim jacket was the only thing to hand that would complete the outfit on a purely practical basis.  Well apparently I wasn't committing a faux pas but starting a new double denim trend! Chortle chortle...

I find it hypocritical that those who are now "embracing the trend" and running out to buy denim jackets and shirts to slap over their jeans are probably the same who would have previously pointed the finger at the guilty doing double denim before it was deemed fashionable.  Now that it is considered cutting edge fashion I am hardly going to stop am I?  Fashion thrills for free and no effort required - I like.  Judging by the following guide by Net-a-Porter I have already worked a couple of the looks!  A denim jacket combined with tank, bikini and denim shorts has been my uniform for the beach (based purely on whatever happened to be thrown in my suitcase during last minute packing for a summer holiday).  Not sure I'll stretch to the effort of purchasing and wearing a denim shirt but there are some super cheap on trend versions on offer here in the local high street so who knows.  Never say never...

My-wardrobe has also released a useful style guide on their My-Tv series setting down some rules about wearing double denim.  Rules were meant to be broken they say.  Well I am already breaking one of theirs.  All my dark blue wash jeans are in London.  I have one pair of bleached wash pale grey skinny jeans and a pair of black bootcut jeans with me.  But with the hot sunny weather I feel more like lightening up my colour palette rather than suffering the heat in black jeans.  So I am doing pale grey denim on the bottom and a darker wash on top a la Moss rather than the recommended other way round.  What matters is that I feel comfortable and actually quite good in it.

Periwinkle V-neck T-shirt by Zara
Blush Bag and Ballet Flats by Zara
Love of Movement Denim Jacket by Sass and Bide
Grey Bleached Skinny Jeans by Kate Moss for Topshop

The Perfect Denim Jacket

Net-a-porter is paying homage to the denim jacket.  This is a gaping hole in my wardrobe.  I am in need of a classic denim jacket and have been for some time.  Pity their cheapest one is £180 and in a bleached wash.

If you live for summer then you need a denim jacket.  I had the perfect denim jacket that saw me through many a summer and accompanied me on many a summer holiday in warmer climes.  I bought it about ten years ago in Diesel for about £70 in a now long forgotten era when you could actually purchase a denim garment from Diesel at full price for well under £150.  It was a classic jean jacket, slightly fitted, in a slightly darker blue denim wash.  It went with everything in my summer wardrobe and it suited me to a tee.  I wore it so often over the years I owned it that the cost per wear was probably down to fractions of pence.

About three years ago I lost it, funnily enough in Spain.  I have mourned its loss and my carelessness ever since and I have never been able to find a classic denim jacket as perfect nor have I been tempted to buy anything inferior or pointlessly more expensive in a similar style.

When I did finally buy another denim jacket I decided to go for a totally different style as I couldn't find a classic that I wanted.  I found this Victorian military style Sass and Bide denim jacket in the sales and was seduced by the rock and roll drama of its multi-button closure, distressed finish, fluted sleeves and flared godets.  Though it is fun to wear it doesn't have that same flexibility as my old Diesel had.  It is more of a high fashion look and I find it requires more thought as to what I should wear it with.  There are days you just want to throw a denim jacket on over what you are wearing without feeling like you are trying to look like Jimi Hendrix.

With all the denimania at the moment maybe this season I will finally find the one that will live up to the standards set by my old jacket.

"Love of Movement" Denim Military Jacket by Sass and Bide.


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