Saturday, 10 April 2010

Sweet Little Nothings

One of my favourite sweets as a child was coconut candy, a confection made with creamy condensed milk, sugar and dessicated coconut.  A kind aunt use to make huge batches of it and deliver it by the tupperwareful to my family.  Aunty Val used to make two versions which she would cut into small bite sized diamonds.  There was coconut ice which had a creamy white bottom layer and a top layer tinted pale pink with food colouring, sometimes delicately flavoured with rosewater.  And then there was coconut candy which had a dark brown chocolate flavoured layer and a dark hot pink top layer.  It was divine and we ate it by the handfuls.

As you can see, even as an adult, in some ways I am still very much an addict of the colour combination of cream, pink and brown, but I have replaced the small sweet delights of coconut, condensed milk and chocolate with sweet little camisoles instead.  Blame Aunty Val.

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