Friday, 23 April 2010

The Perfect Tee

The obsession with the perfect t-shirt continues this season.  Bet you thought a t-shirt was just a t-shirt.  Not according to Net-a-Porter who have just released a very useful guide to building your T-shirt wardrobe.  Who knew the humble t-shirt would be propelled to become such a lustworthy (read expensive) item to which you should have a whole wardrobe dedicated.  I thought it hilarious that Alexander Wang sleeps in his the night before he wears it to get the look just right.  Talk about a cheap way to get an expensive look!  And think of the time you'll save getting dressed in the mornings.  According to this guide you should dry clean or hand wash your t-shirt to increase its longevity - well you would at those prices wouldn't you?  As gorgeous as all the t-shirts featured in this guide all are is it really necessary to spend upwards of £60 on a t-shirt?  There is one area I have found in which there is consensus in the style guides I've been reading: when it comes to buying basics like t-shirts the mantra is buy cheap and renew often.

Having left my new off-white pocket tee from Cos back in London I was feeling a little bereft.  Well I have found a new love.  This one is a pure white with a deep v-neck.  These cotton tees from Zara are made out of lovely thin and very soft cotton that hangs beautifully. Just for good measure I bought a black in a size smaller to layer up.  At just under six euros a pop I'll be building a T-shirt wardrobe for less than it costs to buy one on Net-a-Porter!

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