Saturday, 17 April 2010

Outnet Sale Rage

Yes I was invited.  Yes I registered.  Yes I tried to access the site when I got the email.  (Admittedly I slept in.)  Yes it crashed just like their March pop up sale the month before did.  Yes I was annoyed (especially after later seeing the Alexander McQueen dress I wanted had gone on sale!).  But really, the debacle people have complained about could hardly be unexpected now could it?  You don't line up outside the Selfridges sale on Boxing Day expecting

No I did not waste my Friday trying to log on all day - learnt my lesson after the March sale - I just stopped when it became obvious it wasn't going to happen (after my second attempt).  And no I am not outraged that I didn't get anything.  Maybe it is because I had to spend much more time with the more pressing issue of trying to deal with the aftermaths of failed travel plans due to volcanic ash!

The Outnet is a business after all, not a charity.  Not a great PR stunt if that is what is was but I wouldn't rule out buying from them again.

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