Saturday, 10 April 2010

Fade to Grey

More camisoles and vests.  Olive, sage and shades of grey.  Most of these I have picked up on my travels to Spain.  While I am there I always come away with one or two little lacy camisoles from Mango or Oysho, Zara's lingerie chain.  They often do very sweet styles in several different colour swatches.

The mantra of organising a wardrobe according to conventional wisdom seems to be:
1. Organise by item - i.e. jackets together, blouses together, t-shirts together.
2. Organise by colour
The logic is this - your wardrobe looks more like a shop because the order and alignment of colours makes it pleasing to the eye and thus a pleasure to select items from.

Who does this kind of thing on a regular basis?  Please, if you exist contact me and let me know your secret.  I'm convinced this sort of system is only possible to maintain with hired help and three times the amount of hanging space I currently have at my disposal.  I have attempted to implement this kind of system in the past but found it was in disarray within days.  I found that putting all my jackets and suits together ended up being too heavy for my wardrobe rail and it has remained distressingly bent while my jackets have returned to being dispersed in the mix.  All my t-shirts and vests go into drawers rather than on open shelving with the result that after the effort of organising by colour only the top colour is visible to you on opening your drawer.  And despite being presented with a neat rainbow of shirts in the morning my boyfriend eventually mutinied because he hated not seeing which were his work shirts and which were his casual shirts.

On going through this process once again I have noticed this time how much grey has crept into my wardrobe.  It has been a popular colour in fashion lately in all its incarnations from silver through to charcoal and the fascination still rages on with the comeback of grey marl this season.  I wonder though if this is somehow a reflection of my psychological state.  Slightly worrying if you look at the meaning of the the colour grey!


  1. oooh... grey is not a shade I wear and I discourage anyone from wearing it. There is a reason I'm very vocal about that but I get withering looks and retorts whenever I explain this! a colour mood stylist... grey has me seeing red! Hell... I won't even say I have grey hair. I'm okay with silver. !!

    Okay...from what I know about grey and from reading that link... hmmm... I would NEVER have picked you to be a grey-er! You are purple to me! Mysterious, regal, dramatic (in a good way!), sensual, artistic.

    You are not grey.

    Colour psychologists will tell you that wearing grey underwear... not a good thing... apparently your choice of underwear is steeped in psychology! Underwear is what we choose for ourselves. Outerwear...for the world.

    So that's my no sense :) worth...

    I did try to organise by colour but I now organise by type (dresses, tops, etc) and seasons. Remember 'Clueless'? That computer programmed wardrobe??? Now that's cool! Won't work for me because I recycle my wardrobe every 3 months so I'd be constantly updating but still... cool

  2. I'll say that gray is absolutely my favorite neutral! With my skin tone, I look like a vampire in black and a zombie in white. I usually amp it up with a shot of color, so when I wear my gray parka, it's with a citrus yellow scarf and orange leather gloves.

    I do organize my closet by type (color seems inane to me), and I live in less than 200 square feet with a full-time job, enrolled in a half-time postgraduate program, and with a live-in boyfriend (who uses half the closet).

    I promise it isn't impossible, and requires basically zero upkeep -- except when BF tries to be a dear and put away the laundry. It definitely saves more time than it consumes, at any rate.

    Our closet, from left-to-right, is: my dresses, blazers, cardigans, button-up tops (grouped long-/short-/sleeve/-less), sheath tops, then shirts that can't be folded (due to complicated sleeves or collars). Then all my boyfriend's stuff. Placing the heaviest things (my dresses, his suits) on the ends, and frilly sleeveless confections in the center, balances out the rod.

    In my drawers, I "file" tops vertically so I can see it all at once, the same way you select books from a shelf based on their visible spines. I'm definitely an out-of-sight/out-of-mind person, so this is a lifesaver.

  3. @Dusk - sigh! I know I know, hear everything you're saying - really I never used to wear grey living in Oz or actually much living in England until I moved to London - must be a London thing - as I type I am in grey cashmere jumper and grey wool marl harem joggers!

    @Thanks for the comment - nice idea to pair grey with fruity brights - I must admit the most colourful I dare to get is grey with blue denim. I would love to see a photo of this wardrobe system you have - sounds super organised!!

  4. @chrisbean - doh! 2nd comment above was meant for you. Thanks for visiting and commenting too.


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