Monday, 26 April 2010

Digital Prints

Digital prints have been made popular by the likes of Alexander McQueen and Peter Pilotto.  Last winter Oasis did some of the best versions of this trend on the high street.  I came across this Galaxy Print dress in the Oxford Street store while shopping with a girlfriend.  The draping and the ruched, structured shoulders don't lend it much hanger appeal, in fact my friend instantly dismissed it when I picked it out.  I thought the clever and vibrant print made it worth trying on and as I have become much curvier of late I find garments with a bit of draping are much more flattering on me.  My motto when shopping is that however a garment looks on a hanger is not how it may look on your body so you always have to try it on before you know whether it suits you.  When I came out of the change room my friend had to concede that it was actually very pretty once on.

The dress retailed for about £65 which is pretty reasonable for a party dress.  I left it in the store that day because in the midst of a freezing winter I couldn't imagine getting much wear out of it.  By the end of the sale season I found it online for a mere £15.  It is surprising what sells and what doesn't sometimes.  After all the celebrities photographed wearing digital prints and its endorsement by the cognoscenti as a major trend right through to Spring I would have thought a quality and relatively inexpensive version such as this would have sold out.  Perhaps it takes a certain courage to wear bold colour and prints.  I like the way Rosie Huntingdon Whitely (pictured below) wore her Peter Pilotto dress with a cropped satin tux and fierce heels.  If its good enough for Rosie...  Luckily there was a similar cropped satin tux on sale online at Oasis for £15 as well!

I debuted my Galaxy print dress at the theatre last month styled a la Rosie.  I wore it with a black Balmain style jacket from Topshop.  For a bit of extra warmth I teamed it with opaque tights and my Topshop Amelie black shoe boots with gold studded heels.  To accessorise - lots of statement gold jewellery and my frilly chain strap shoulder bag from Review.  I was barraged all night with enquiries by friends as to where I had got my dress!  It is definitely going to get several more outings this season.

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