Sunday, 4 April 2010


It is not often I am ahead of the curve in fashion, let alone years ahead.  Trends come and go and I dip in and buy the things I like - often I don't get to wear them during the season but pull them out some time later when they are probably way of out fashion.  Or I keep them stored away with the old adage in mind that they will eventually come back into fashion one day.  Probably every style advisor with an opinion about wardrobe management will tell me I am doing it all wrong.  Well sometimes it actually does pay off.

I bought these clogs by Carvela some years ago for £19 in a summer sale.  I thought they were cute then - I had always wanted a pair of cow print ponyskin ones I'd seen somewhere - by Marni I think.  These clogs remained unworn to this day mainly because of the onset of what has seemed like an eternal winter and then they really haven't had their fashion moment again until now.  Suddenly after Chanel put them down the runway they are being touted as the shoe to be wearing.  An extra bonus of these are that the heels are of that new definition of kitten heel height - that is so say rather higher than the original kitten heel height I recall but an inch or so lower than the towering five inches or so we have become used to seeing in the past couple of years.  I am currently packing for a stint away from London in warmer climes - these will be coming with me.

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