Friday, 16 April 2010

Buy, Keep or Delete?

The changeover of a season is always a frustrating time.  Especially when that changeover is from Winter to Spring.  The big transeasonal dilemna.  My own personal dilemna is this: I love the clothes in the autumn/winter collections and tend to buy from these but hardly get to wear them because its just too cold!!  I only get around to wearing them in spring or summer as even then it is still too cold for me to wear any of the spring collections.  I am only now beginning to forsake a winter coat for a biker jacket.  I am still cursing I didn't buy over the knee boots to keep me warm for winters to come.

One of the reliefs of the recession was the disappearance of that irritating type of fashion article that always emerges around this time of year of what you should be buying and what you should be throwing out.  It is carefully crafted to make you feel as unfashionable as possible to be even thinking about continuing to wear your last season's purchases and pressure you into buying next season's pieces now at full price even though it is still freezing.  This shrill and nagging voice was blissfully silenced and replaced last year by one imploring you to make investment purchases on keep forever items you would treasure forever (which extended to practically everything in season ironically).

Well that old harpy is unfortunately back.  With scant regard for the fact that we aren't really out of a recession yet, fashion editors are clearly blissfully unaware of the possibility (let alone definition) of a W shaped recession as they return to their old Buy/Keep/Delete guides.  What are they saying about those treasure forever investment purchases now?

If some of the new style guides for Spring/Summer being run in the magazines are anything to go by I should be ditching my:
  • biker jackets
  • black blazers
  • sharp shouldered jackets
  • anything in black leather
  • wet look leggings
  • gladiator sandals/heels (though Harper's recommended black gladiator heels as the best thing to wear with pale floaty dresses - come on girls! Which is it?)
  • high heels
  • statement heels
  • anything with sequins on it
  • statement necklaces
  • one shouldered pieces
That leaves me with nothing to wear!

And yet notable online fashion retailers are awash with current season stock in every one of these categories.  There is barely a blazer or tuxedo jacket without an extended shoulder.  There are also several leather jackets and even the odd leather biker sporting them - one such biker jacket by Supertrash is already sold out at

So to illustrate the disparity between what fashion does and what fashion decrees here are a few examples of Spring/Summer collections featuring items from the above no-go list.  Some even cross more than one no-go catergory!  Skyscraper high, sequin-covered statement heels anyone?  Now, where did I put my leather leggings?

Pagoda Shoulders and Wet Look Leggings
Pagoda Shoulders and Wet Look Leggings by Taxonomy of My Wardrobe featuring Balmain

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