Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Summer Wedges

Duty free shopping at the airport is always a big temptation.  Recently I was at the airport wondering what to do about not having packed any shoes for going out while abroad due to weight restrictions.  Having pared the one hundred pairs of shoes available down to one pair of work shoes, a pair of very ugly practical mudproof boots and two pairs of flat shoes in the suitcase (no mean feat), it was then very annoying to discover that I had came in one kilo lighter than the maximum allowance.  That is two additional pairs I could have brought!  What is a bereft heel addict to do?  Why shop of course!  Then I spotted these cool wedges.  I like the contrast between the suede wedge and the leather uppers.  They still carry the tough vibe of heeled gladiators of the past season, but the intricacy of the braided suede roping lend them more of a summery nautical feel.  I am hoping that wedge heels will be a tad more comfortable on the medieval cobblestones of my destination than normal six inch platform numbers.  I plan to wear them with leggings, jeans, dresses and shorts.

 Lolita Multi Rope Wedges by Reiss 1971.

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  1. Very very attractive shoes that I can see lend well to summer. Would love to see them on once the weather changes ;)


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