Saturday, 10 April 2010

Black and White

On the odd occasion (usually when I am trying to have a wardrobe sort out) my boyfriend will accuse me of having a million little black vests.  A million may be an unfair exaggeration but having stacked them up I see he has a point - there are a lot.  I mostly use them like thermal underwear to provide an extra layer of warmth.  How else to stave off the eternal English winter?  Some fall into the realm of the pretty embellished camisole but most are of the plain strappy little black vest or singlet variety.

I do not seem to be as fond of little white vests - just three - one of which is now not so pristine although it was barely worn.  Maybe this is the key - black doesn't fade to a dirty grey as fast as white.  One of these white singlets was a recent purchase after the realisation that my wardrobe was short in supply of good jersey basics.  White versions of these should feature in any wardrobe and what's more I actually look good in white.  My recent quest when hitting the shops has been to find classic versions of the vest and t-shirt in white.  The vest I found in Topshop Boutique - in pristine bright white and made in a lovely soft mix of modal and cashmere.

I also bought it in black...

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