Sunday, 25 April 2010

Bag Lady

There is a theory I heard once that you are either into shoes or you are into bags and which is determined by the size of your feet.  If you have small dainty feet chances are you will be a shoe girl, if you have large feet you will be a bag lady.

I think I am definitely a shoe girl given that the number of shoes I own far outnumbers my bags and coincidentally my feet are quite small.  Recently though a friend said she thought I was a bit of a bag collector to which I protested I only had about five.  She thought this comeback was hilarious as I think she just has two - she is also unaware of how many shoes I own.  Then out of curiosity I counted all my bags and realised that I had closer to twenty!  Why then is it that I have always complained about never having the right kind of bag to finish off an outfit?

Historically out of all other aspects of my wardrobe the last thing I have regularly paid attention is bags.  I think it stems from my nightclubbing days when the prospect of dragging a handbag out was just annoying as having to throw it on the dance floor and dance around it was a far worse faux pas than choosing the wrong kind of bag.  If you could go out without so much as a slim wallet in a pocket to put the essentials then all the better.

This is probably why the whole It-bag culture completely passed me by and to this day I find it hard to part with a lot of cash for a bag especially if it is going to be out of fashion within a season.  The bags I had bought were fun, frivolous and fairly inexpensive which was fine for weekends and evening wear but not particularly appropriate for the office or just looking pulled together.  I came to the realisation that my choice of everyday bag was letting my otherwise very carefully put together daytime outfits down.  So a couple of years ago after getting a new job I began to pay more attention.

I picked this beauty up from a recent trip home to Australia.  I love the chain strap and Valentino-esque frill detail.  The style and size is ideal to take me from day to evening without changing bags.  The fabric is not leather so it wasn't costly but it is so well made you can't really tell.  It has a lovely satin lining in a girly print and gold pockets with frilly trims for smaller items like mobiles and purses.  Whenever I wear it out I get compliments.

Bag by Review.

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