Monday, 29 March 2010

YSL Imperiale Boots

I don't own a whole lot of big ticket designer items but on the very odd occasion recently I have stumbled across pieces I normally would have salivated over but resigned myself to never owning because they would surely be sold out before the sales even started at some eyewatering price I could never justify paying.  These YSL boots sold out on net-a-porter in a curious shade of grey and I recall wondering if they would be available in a shade more useful to me - like black.  Sculptural lines, vertiginous heels, elegant angle strap detail, buttery soft leather, perfect with leggings, toughens up dresses - what's not to love?  Well last week I was incredulous when I found them in my size and discounted considerably at an end of season sale.  Winter in this country for me ends around May and starts again around, oh say, September - so getting enough wear out of them will not be an issue.  Furthermore, as the salesgirl said (and on this occasion I had to agree) - they are YSL, you will wear them for years to come.  I christened them yesterday on an outing to a pub lunch.

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