Monday, 29 March 2010

A Further Note on Shoes

A former work colleague once remarked that I always wore beautiful shoes and that each pair told its own story - I was suprised that a man (heterosexual at that) would notice.  I do love shoes and have developed quite a collection - the higher and less practical the better.  But if I was honest to my ex-colleague about what story each of them told it would the same one - pain and suffering!  Like the sort of pain endured by a mistreated lover.  You know you shouldn't, that it is very bad for you, but you do it anyway because something about it makes you feel so good.  A girlfriend of mine accurately summed it up by saying "the only comfort in wearing high heels is the moment when you take them off".

I bought these heels by John Galliano from the Outnet recently and they tick all those high heel shoe purchase boxes that don't ever make sense to tick but we still do it anyway - expensive, skyscraper high, impratical and heart stoppingly beautiful.

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