Wednesday, 31 March 2010

What Was I Thinking?

Nope - it ain't all pretty in there.  Some incredible corkers to fess up to owning.  This is going to my local charity shop but before it does I thought it best to pause and reflect on how this monstrosity came to be in my wardrobe, especially as suede fringing has been popping up in fashion of late, both last summer and now this one too.  I must learn from history!

In my defense I bought it for next to nothing in a sale bin at Topshop years ago when I had a washboard stomach and thought it might be a laugh at 70's fancy dress or bad taste party.  I have never been able to bring myself to wear it.  What was I thinking?  That I would look like some kind of sexy take on Pocahontas?  Delusional! Anyhow - out it goes.

Monday, 29 March 2010

A Further Note on Shoes

A former work colleague once remarked that I always wore beautiful shoes and that each pair told its own story - I was suprised that a man (heterosexual at that) would notice.  I do love shoes and have developed quite a collection - the higher and less practical the better.  But if I was honest to my ex-colleague about what story each of them told it would the same one - pain and suffering!  Like the sort of pain endured by a mistreated lover.  You know you shouldn't, that it is very bad for you, but you do it anyway because something about it makes you feel so good.  A girlfriend of mine accurately summed it up by saying "the only comfort in wearing high heels is the moment when you take them off".

I bought these heels by John Galliano from the Outnet recently and they tick all those high heel shoe purchase boxes that don't ever make sense to tick but we still do it anyway - expensive, skyscraper high, impratical and heart stoppingly beautiful.

YSL Imperiale Boots

I don't own a whole lot of big ticket designer items but on the very odd occasion recently I have stumbled across pieces I normally would have salivated over but resigned myself to never owning because they would surely be sold out before the sales even started at some eyewatering price I could never justify paying.  These YSL boots sold out on net-a-porter in a curious shade of grey and I recall wondering if they would be available in a shade more useful to me - like black.  Sculptural lines, vertiginous heels, elegant angle strap detail, buttery soft leather, perfect with leggings, toughens up dresses - what's not to love?  Well last week I was incredulous when I found them in my size and discounted considerably at an end of season sale.  Winter in this country for me ends around May and starts again around, oh say, September - so getting enough wear out of them will not be an issue.  Furthermore, as the salesgirl said (and on this occasion I had to agree) - they are YSL, you will wear them for years to come.  I christened them yesterday on an outing to a pub lunch.

New Purchase: Spring Lace

Connotations of fusty old ladies be damned.  I unapologetically adore lace.  So this lace jacket by Karen Millen which has been featured in a lot of press in the run up to Spring was always going to make it into my closet.  The lace reminds me of the lace-themed AW 08/09 collection by Prada which I loved.  The design is very similar to a jacket Stella McCartney has done this season but sells for about a 10th of the price.  I'm a sucker for a puffed sleeve and love the combination of the black lace overlaid on a pale grey lining.  The first run completely sold out within days and thankfully they have delivered a second lot to stores.

A little research on the web into the process behind the design of this jacket has revealed that the scalloped eyelash lace is constructed on 200 year old looms by artisanal producers in France.  (I like a little romance woven into my clothes.)  Although it is currently being styled up in the press with distressed denim and t-shirts to tone down its evening wear aspect it will also be the perfect cover up for a little black dress at a formal event and I am sure I will be pulling this out of my wardrobe for years to come.


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